2012 Challenge

What is the Change Challenge about? Well, I thought it would be a good idea to propose a challenge, possibly garner some support for own goals, and challenge some others to join me. I have attached a PDF of the challenge with checkboxes for you to print and post in a visible spot.

The Change Challenge includes:

  1. Develop a Budget
  2. Create a $1k Emergency Fund
  3. Read a Book on Personal Finance
  4. Get Adequate Life Insurance
  5. Cut Wasteful Spending
  6. Max Your 401k Contributions, IRA’s
  7. Read a Book on Communication
  8. Cut Your Debt by 5% or More
  9. Start a Side Gig that creates residual income
  10. Read a Book on Entrepreneurship
  11. Start a File for your 2012 Taxes
  12. Sell Your Unused, Old, and Unwanted Stuff
  13. Complete a DIY (Do-it-yourself) Project
  14. Read a Book on Relationships
  15. For Married Couples: Make time for a date night each week
  16. For Parents: Read a Book about Raising Kids
  17. For Married Couples: Live on One Income
  18. Find a Mentor
  19. Volunteer your expertise
Now what?
Go for it! Come back to the site and this post for any updates and to post your progress on 2012 Change Challenge. Also, if you have questions, contact us or jot it down in the comment section below.

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