Opportunities can often be found wrapped in challenges.


Be Present


In this tech savvy age where media, messages, and information are constantly available, the following quote I heard today rings loudly: “wherever you are, be there.”

Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

I read this book on the recommendation of friend. It was quite an interesting read in that it challenges you revisit your answer to the following question: Does your life reveal true commitment to God? In Radical, David Platt walks through various facets of the average American Christian’s life and dissects them into digestible morsels that are juxtaposed with Biblical scripture. Though one can easily feel guilted into action as you read this book, the book is trying to move you towards living a guilt free radical life–the kind that true obedience and submission requires.


I read Revolution recently, because I’m tired of the traditional modes of thinking when it comes to living out my faith. It’s an easy read, but it dispenses some┬áhard facts. For instance, the book makes the point that most church goers haven’t transformed their lives as a result of attendance. It raises the question of whether church attendance is the best channel for living a faith-filled life. His conclusion isn’t that the church needs to be done away with, but that it must change or die.